Why can't I connect my Nintendo Switch to my 4K TV?

Episode 1375 (50:29)

Thomas from Fullerton, CA
Nintendo Switch

Tom can't seem to connect his Nintendo Switch to his 4K TV. Leo says that he hasn't heard of any outstanding issues, but it could be a bad HDMI connection. He should try another cable. The chatroom suggests turning off CEC, which switches the HDMI ports on and off. It may be called something else. It could also be a resolution mismatch, so Tom should check and see if there's another lower resolution port that it will connect to. He can also try another TV and verify that the dock works. If it does, then try the cable. If he still has an issue, then it could be a bad dock, or even a bad TV HDMI port. He should also check his port settings. Some higher end 4K TVs only support 4K devices.