What PC should I buy for photography?

Episode 1375 (1:48:20)

Glen from San Pedro, CA
Apple iMac

Glen is a professional photographer and has a computer running XP Professional, but now Firefox has announced they are not going to support XP anymore. Leo says that they were the last one. It really isn't a safe OS anymore since Microsoft stopped supporting it. Glen is looking to buy a new machine, but he doesn't know who to go to.

Leo says Glen needs a computer with a great monitor and more power to use programs today, like Lightroom. He should get one that supports P3 photo gamut. An SSD would probably also be more important than getting an i7. He really doesn't need that. He should also get more RAM. Leo recommends going with the 5k iMac. It's gorgeous and ideal for photography. The HP Envy All-in-One is also very nice, but a bit pricey at $1800.

Leo also recommends checking out the Microsoft Surface Studio. The Dell 27" is nice too.