Should I wait to buy a new iMac?

Episode 1375 (1:12:37)

Todd from Topeka, KS
Apple iMac

Tom wants to know if he should wait to buy a new iMac. Leo says that it may be a good idea. We're expecting new iMacs any time now, and there is an Apple Event coming in about a month. It'll likely have new processors, an updated screen, and USB-C and Thunderbolt connections. But performance wise, it really won't be much faster, if at all. So if he bought now, he won't be missing out that much.

If he buys the midrange iMac, should he upgrade it with a faster processor? Leo says he'd be better off going with a 5K retina screen and the 3.2 Ghz processor. There won't be that much more speed with the upgraded processor. He should get more RAM instead. He shouldn't get the Fusion drive either. Leo doesn't like them. He should go with an SSD for his main drive, and then a spinning drive via Thunderbolt 3 for his data.

Also, he shares Apple ID with his wife. Leo says that he should give his wife a separate Apple ID and just turn on family sharing. That way he can have his own contacts, iCloud accounts, etc.