Should I switch to Google Fi?

Episode 1375 (1:31:34)

Bob from New Mexico
Google Pixel

Bob is grandfathered in to unlimited data with Verizon, but he's thinking about leaving to go with Google Fi. Would it be worth it? Leo says that unlimited has a few caveats. It may be unlimited, but it could slow down dramatically after a few GBs. Google Fi takes connectivity from Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Cellular, picking the best one. It really comes down to how well the services work in his area. If Verizon is better, then he's better off staying with it.

Also, Fi charges by the GB. So he should check his bill, and see how much he uses every month. If he uses a lot, then Google Fi may not be viable cost wise. That's going to also be a criteria. If he likes the Pixel, then he can get that phone from Verizon as well. So there's no need to make a switch.