Should I get my parents a Chromebook?

Episode 1375 (1:39:16)

Christy from Toms River, NJ
Acer Chromebase

Christy's parents keep getting infected. They barely have much on their hard drive and she's thinking of turning their computers into a Chromebook. Can she do that? Leo says that ChromeOS would be great as a Chromebook solely, but the installation isn't all that great. There's CloudReady by Neverware.

Leo recommends just getting them a Chromebook, though. She can even get a desktop version called a ChromeBox. It looks like a Mac Mini and she'd just plug a monitor into it with a keyboard. It's just like a chromebook, just for the desktop. There are even all-in-ones for around $300 on Amazon. She should check out the Acer Chromebase. That's definitely the way to go.