Should I buy the Google Pixel or the Huawei Honor 8?

Episode 1375 (11:18)

Lee from Minnesota
Huawei Honor 8

Lee is looking at buying either the new Google Pixel or the Honor 8. Leo likes the Honor 8, but his ultimate choice is the Google Pixel. Though the Huawei Honor 8 is half the price and has nice hardware, camera and a big screen, the manufacturer hasn't committed to push Google security updates directly to the phone with immediate effect. They promise to update "in a timely manner," but what does that really mean? Google does, obviously.

Other benefits of the Honor 8 is better battery life, a great camera, and you can't beat that $400 price tag. If they were the same price, Leo would say go with the Pixel. But at a higher price, it's hard to say choose the Pixel over the Honor 8 with the exception of the updates. Leo isn't thrilled with the skin on the Honor 8, either. It's also still stuck with Android 6, not Android 7.1.1. So with those pros and cons, the Honor 8 is amazing. Other phones in its price range include the Axon ZTE 7 and the OnePlus 3t. They are all nice at around $400. If price is an issue, then he should go for the Honor 8.