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Watch Lee from Minnesota Comments

Lee is looking at buying either the new Google Pixel or the Honor 8. Leo likes the Honor 8, but his ultimate choice is the Google Pixel. Though the Huawei Honor 8 is half the price and has nice hardware, camera and a big screen, the manufacturer hasn't committed to push Google security updates directly to the phone with immediate effect. They promise to update "in a timely manner," but what does that really mean? Google does, obviously.

Other benefits of the Honor 8 is better battery life, a great camera, and you can't beat that $400 price tag. If they were the same price, Leo would say go with the Pixel. But at a higher price, it's hard to say choose the Pixel over the Honor 8 with the exception of the updates. Leo isn't thrilled with the skin on the Honor 8, either. It's also still stuck with Android 6, not Android 7.1.1. So with those pros and cons, the Honor 8 is amazing. Other phones in its price range include the Axon ZTE 7 and the OnePlus 3t. They are all nice at around $400. If price is an issue, then he should go for the Honor 8.

Watch Joseph from Lincoln, CA Comments

Joseph is planning to get rid of McAfee and go with Microsoft's Defender. He needs a password vault to replace what he uses in McAfee. Suggestions? Leo says he uses LastPass. It's very responsive, and its security focus is solid. It's who Leo trusts. But there's also 1Password. Both are highly recommended by Leo.

Watch John from Portland, ME Comments

John wants to know if he can reactivate Windows after replacing the Motherboard. Leo says he probably can. He'll just have to contact Microsoft and tell them what he's had to replace, and they will understand and authenticate. If he replaced more than half the computer, they may take issue. But with just replacing the motherboard, he should be able to get it authenticated. Windows may reject him when he tries, but then he can just contact Microsoft.

Watch Dave from Las Vegas, NV Comments

Dave's cable modem is failing, so he's looking to get a new one. Is the Arris modem good? Leo says absolutely, but he'll want to be sure to use one supported by his ISP. Leo uses the Arris Surfboard 6183 DOCSIS III modem. It's the fastest protocol. The Wirecutter has a pretty good listing of the cable modems that are available and they like it.

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Watch Harry from Brea, CA Comments

Harry is looking to upgrade from his 7 year old computer and is thinking of an all-in-one, perhaps from Dell or HP. He wants one with a big monitor. Leo says it depends on his budget, but under $900 would be good. Could he get an iMac for that? Leo says no, $1,299 is the floor. Anything under that is likely an old model. How about Lenovo? Leo says all three of them make excellent machines. Leo has been thrilled with HP since they spun off the computer division. He says that the HP Envy with a 27" screen would be a great choice.

Watch Thomas from Fullerton, CA Comments

Tom can't seem to connect his Nintendo Switch to his 4K TV. Leo says that he hasn't heard of any outstanding issues, but it could be a bad HDMI connection. He should try another cable. The chatroom suggests turning off CEC, which switches the HDMI ports on and off. It may be called something else. It could also be a resolution mismatch, so Tom should check and see if there's another lower resolution port that it will connect to. He can also try another TV and verify that the dock works. If it does, then try the cable. If he still has an issue, then it could be a bad dock, or even a bad TV HDMI port. He should also check his port settings. Some higher end 4K TVs only support 4K devices.

Watch Bill from Napaville, IL Comments

Bill is a retired electrician and wants to learn networking and computers. Leo says it depends on how he best learns. There's a ton of great books, but ITPro.TV has a great video course on networking and IT subjects. Another good site is There's great tutorials there on networking.

(Disclaimer: ITPro.TV is a sponsor)

Watch Todd from Topeka, KS Comments

Tom wants to know if he should wait to buy a new iMac. Leo says that it may be a good idea. We're expecting new iMacs any time now, and there is an Apple Event coming in about a month. It'll likely have new processors, an updated screen, and USB-C and Thunderbolt connections. But performance wise, it really won't be much faster, if at all. So if he bought now, he won't be missing out that much.

If he buys the midrange iMac, should he upgrade it with a faster processor? Leo says he'd be better off going with a 5K retina screen and the 3.2 Ghz processor. There won't be that much more speed with the upgraded processor. He should get more RAM instead. He shouldn't get the Fusion drive either. Leo doesn't like them. He should go with an SSD for his main drive, and then a spinning drive via Thunderbolt 3 for his data.

Also, he shares Apple ID with his wife. Leo says that he should give his wife a separate Apple ID and just turn on family sharing. That way he can have his own contacts, iCloud accounts, etc.

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Watch Bob from New Mexico Comments

Bob is grandfathered in to unlimited data with Verizon, but he's thinking about leaving to go with Google Fi. Would it be worth it? Leo says that unlimited has a few caveats. It may be unlimited, but it could slow down dramatically after a few GBs. Google Fi takes connectivity from Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Cellular, picking the best one. It really comes down to how well the services work in his area. If Verizon is better, then he's better off staying with it.

Also, Fi charges by the GB. So he should check his bill, and see how much he uses every month. If he uses a lot, then Google Fi may not be viable cost wise. That's going to also be a criteria. If he likes the Pixel, then he can get that phone from Verizon as well. So there's no need to make a switch.

Watch Christy from Toms River, NJ Comments

Christy's parents keep getting infected. They barely have much on their hard drive and she's thinking of turning their computers into a Chromebook. Can she do that? Leo says that ChromeOS would be great as a Chromebook solely, but the installation isn't all that great. There's CloudReady by Neverware.

Leo recommends just getting them a Chromebook, though. She can even get a desktop version called a ChromeBox. It looks like a Mac Mini and she'd just plug a monitor into it with a keyboard. It's just like a chromebook, just for the desktop. There are even all-in-ones for around $300 on Amazon. She should check out the Acer Chromebase. That's definitely the way to go.

Watch Glen from San Pedro, CA Comments

Glen is a professional photographer and has a computer running XP Professional, but now Firefox has announced they are not going to support XP anymore. Leo says that they were the last one. It really isn't a safe OS anymore since Microsoft stopped supporting it. Glen is looking to buy a new machine, but he doesn't know who to go to.

Leo says Glen needs a computer with a great monitor and more power to use programs today, like Lightroom. He should get one that supports P3 photo gamut. An SSD would probably also be more important than getting an i7. He really doesn't need that. He should also get more RAM. Leo recommends going with the 5k iMac. It's gorgeous and ideal for photography. The HP Envy All-in-One is also very nice, but a bit pricey at $1800.

Leo also recommends checking out the Microsoft Surface Studio. The Dell 27" is nice too.

Watch Bob from San Antonio, TX Comments

Bob is trying to pair a bluetooth headset with his tablet, gaming console, and Apple TV. It isn't pairing correctly with his gaming device, though. Leo says he should see if the operating system is playing the sound properly. Games also sometimes have their own audio settings, so he may have to pair it through the game as well. If it works in the computer, but not in the game, then he'll know it's the game itself.