Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1374 (2:03:48)

Dick DeBartolo

If you take pills, or even vitamins, there's an innovative way to help you keep track of when you last took your medications and vitamins. Called Timer Caps, they have a built-in stopwatch that keeps track of exactly how much time passed since it was last opened. It’s easy to use, with no alarms to program or buttons to press. The patented timer works like an automatic stopwatch -- every time you open the cap, the timer resets to zero. When you close the cap, the timer starts counting up again displaying exactly how many hours and minutes have passed. Some Timer Caps convert between child resistant and non-child resistant. There is a wide variety of Timer Caps and prices. You can get them as low as about $4+ in quantities. The link below takes to the Amazon page that shows many choices.

- Get Timer Caps on Amazon
- Company Website (timercap.com)