Are mesh routers good for Ethernet connections?

Episode 1374 (1:05:39)

John from Santa Cruze, CA

John has an TPLink Archer C7 router, but he wants to know if a mesh router would be able to support adding ethernet to it. Leo says yes, it can. They're expensive, but the advantage is that he can connect to ethernet anywhere and it will handle it. John is wondering if he gets an access point to add onto his existing router, would he have two separate network names, and would he have to manually switch to the closest one? Leo says he can just name them the same, and it should work OK.

John also notices that some laptops don't support dual band routers. Leo says the older ones don't. He'll also have to have radios built-in for both 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz. Most newer ones do, but cheaper ones may not.

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