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Episode 1374 March 25, 2017

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Audience Questions

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Watch Mike from San Diego, CA Comments

Mike is worried about the Turkish Crime Family's iCloud hack. If he changes his password, couldn't they just hack it again to get them? Leo says that Apple has said it hasn't been hacked, and even if it had been, the hackers would have to "rehack" the system to get them. If Mike has turned on two factor authentication, they can't use his password anyway.

It's annoying to use two-factor, but it's the best last line of defense to prevent his account from being compromised. Also, he can use his TouchID on a new MacBook Pro and his iOS devices to insure verification.

Watch Louie from Palos Verdes, CA Comments

Louie is thinking about getting the Motorola Moto Z Play. Leo says that it's an interesting concept where Motorola will be adding new features and modules over the next few years including upgraded speakers, better cameras, etc. It's a cool phone. The built-in camera isn't all that great, but it has a lot of promise.

Louie also wants to know if a cloud backup service will delete his data should he stop subscribing. Leo says that he'll get a grace period, should he change his mind, but eventually, they will delete that data should he cancel his account. Google even has something called Google Take Out which will enable him to get his data and then delete it himself.

Watch Steve from Newfoundland, Canada Comments

Steve has an idea for an app. Can he get a company to make the app and pay him a royalty? Leo says that app ideas are a dime a dozen. It's the execution that's really more important. The idea alone is not enough.

Assuming the idea is marketable, he would then need a partner that can not only build the app, but will be able to market it as well. He can hire them via eLance. Leo advises that he look for partners rather than a freelancer. He should think of it more as building a business, more than just an app. Then he'll be ahead of the game.

Watch Frank from Tennessee Comments

Frank has been using the same password for years and now suddenly the password won't work on his Windows Surface. Could the hard drive be going out? Leo says that it's more likely a keyboard issue. He should check the CAPS lock, SCROLL lock and NUM lock to make sure they aren't enabled. Another thing to do is enable the feature that will allow him to see his password as he types it.

Leo says that Frank's PC has a blank, hidden administrator password in Windows 7 that he could use to get in and change his password back, in case it's been changed. He should Google "Hidden Administrator password" (which is blank). He can also run SpinRite to test his hard drive, but he'll need to do it from a USB Key by installing it with UNETBOOTIN. That will enable him to install SpinRite on a USB key or CD ROM, and then boot to it.

The chatroom also thinks it may be a corrupt profile. This is also why it's a good idea to have a separate admin account and run as a general user. That way should his account get compromised, he can go into the admin account and clean things up.

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Watch Greg from Wisconsin Comments

Greg can buy a used iPhone 7, but it's carrier locked. How can he get it unlocked? Leo says that he'd have to talk to the company to see if they are willing to unlock it. He'll need to give them the IMEI number and as long as he's in good standing with the ISP, they are usually willing to do it.

Watch John from Santa Cruze, CA Comments

John has an TPLink Archer C7 router, but he wants to know if a mesh router would be able to support adding ethernet to it. Leo says yes, it can. They're expensive, but the advantage is that he can connect to ethernet anywhere and it will handle it. John is wondering if he gets an access point to add onto his existing router, would he have two separate network names, and would he have to manually switch to the closest one? Leo says he can just name them the same, and it should work OK.

John also notices that some laptops don't support dual band routers. Leo says the older ones don't. He'll also have to have radios built-in for both 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz. Most newer ones do, but cheaper ones may not.

(Disclaimer: Eero is a sponsor)

Watch Steve from Las Vegas, NV Comments

Steve likes to watch streaming on TWiTCH, and one streamer was able to use his keyboard to change his voice while narrating using a device called the TC Helicon. How does he do that? Leo says that a voice changer is usually the way he'd do it. The better ones do cost more.

There's probably a way to build his own using a Raspberry Pi. The Chatroom says that NCH Software has a voice changer for Windows. It costs $25. Leo recommends trying Screaming Bee MorphVox Jr.. He can try it before he buys. There's also a Pro version.

Watch Chris from Long Beach, CA Comments

Chris has 6 TB of photos backed up on a RAID and he wants to back that up. How can he do it faster and safely? Leo says that RoboCopy is built into Windows and it validates the data after he copies it. FastCopy is another option.

The chatroom suggests automating with PowerShell. Leo also advises getting another NAS like Synology, which is has copy and validations built in. SysAdmins use RSync to do it. Rich Copy is another. Here's great article on how to migrate from an old NAS to a New NAS overnight.

Leo also recommends checking out

Watch Derrick from Roanoke, VA Comments

Derrick wants to move away from Yahoo. Leo advises going with Gmail. He can even tell Gmail to go get his Yahoo Mail to centralize it. Then he can gradually wean himself off it. FastMail is another good option.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Brian from Orange County, CA Comments

Brian picked up the new Blackberry Passport Silver Edition off eBay and he loves it. He says the speakers are great and the keyboard allows him to scroll. Leo says it's a great phone. He can even (sort of) run Android APKs. Leo's fears though is that being that it's Blackberry 10, there will be no more updates for it, since Blackberry has moved to Android. It also has little ecosystem other than a few sparse Android apps that had been ported over.

Watch Jenny from San Diego, CA Comments

Jenny is ready to upgrade her phone on Verizon. She's been thinking about the Google Pixel. Leo says without a doubt, it's the best phone on the market. The hardware is superb, and the camera is one of the best. It's pure Google and they update it faster than any other phone on the market. That makes it very secure. However, they're not only expensive, but they're also in high demand.

Other options include the Motorola Moto Z Play, the ZTE Axon 7, the One Plus Three T. There's also the LG G6. It's a nice phone, but not great.

Watch Isaac from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Isaac is a cop and wants to know if routers collect data of what connects to it or sees it. Leo says only if the device was connected to that router. Just seeing it is another matter, and that's unlikely. Android has an app called WiFi Collector from NirSoft, but that's the opposite direction from what Isaak wants. Leo says that the WiFi Pineapple from HakShop could work for this.

Watch Lee from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Lee is a broadcaster who drives Uber & Lyft in his spare time. He's interested in a dual lens dashcam for his car. He'd like to stream live from it in addition to recording. Leo says that dashboard cams are huge, but most only face out. There are many that have two lens juxtaposed, though. To stream live, he'd need a WiFi access point that it can connect to.

Leo recommends checking out BlackVue. It supports WiFi. Lukas Makes a WiFi Front and Rear camera as well. Transcend Drive Pro 520 is a camera popular with cab drivers.

Watch Eric from Glendale, CA Comments

Eric wants a good laptop for school. Leo says that Acer and Asus makes great laptops, and he may even want to look into a Chromebook. Asus makes some of the best.

Watch Mark from Fallbrook, CA Comments

Mark wants to know if password vaults are safe and what the best one is to get. Leo says yes, they are best because they generate impossible to remember passwords and keep track of them, so Mark would only have to remember the one password to open his vault. Leo uses LastPass. There's also 1Password. It's a valuable tool that everyone should use.