How can I get my Windows 10 computer out of tablet mode?

Episode 1373 (1:55:23)

Don from Anchorage, AL
Windows 10

Don recently upgraded his Windows laptop to Windows 10 and he's regretting it. There's a popup keyboard that he can't get rid of. Leo says that the computer thinks it's a tablet and is in tablet mode. All he needs to do is go into his settings and disable tablet mode. He can disable it permanently, too.

He should just go to Control panel and search for Tablet Mode Settings. Then click on the pull down menu and select "Use Desktop Mode." Then he can tell it not to switch, or prompt him to switch, to tablet mode. There's also a button on the side panel that he can press. He'll also want to go into Accessibility settings and see if it has been triggered there. It may be the keyboard for assistive features. So he should check there as well.

Don also wants to upgrade his iPhone. Is the iPhone SE a good move? Leo says it's the same as the 6S, but in a smaller case. So it's a great deal, especially if he wants a smaller phone.