What's a good streaming option in a rural area?

Episode 1372 (1:53:09)

Chris from Aqua Dulce, CA
Roku Express

Chris wants to cut the cord, but because he lives in a rural area, he can't get a bundled alternative. So he's looking at relying solely on internet for his TV options. What's sufficient streaming? Leo says that for 1080p, he'll need 15-20 Mbps down. If he wants 4K, he'll need at least 50Mbps. Sling TV is a good live streaming option, but Leo's favorite is PlayStation Vue. Both will give him local live channels.

What about the SkyStream 1? Leo says it's an Android TV box, and the live sporting events are not the NBA or NFL football. It's probably soccer from overseas. Leo prefers the Nvidia Shield Android TV device. Another option to start is Roku. He can get one for as low as $29.95.