What's a good computer for making home videos?

Episode 1372 (12:29)

Alex from Los Angeles, CA
Apple iMac

Alex would like to make a video of his daughter growing up using video and pictures. He was thinking about getting a Mac for it. Leo says Macs have a great video editing program called iMovie that comes with all models for free. Leo expects new desktops to come within the next month or so, but even if he didn't wait, he wouldn't be losing out on performance. Apple's iMac would be ideal, but it would cost him more. He could save some money and get a 21", but Leo recommends spending more and getting the 27" iMac. The larger screen really helps.

Alex could also save some money by going with Apple's official refurbished site. He'll save a few hundred bucks on them. The chatroom says he can also go to B&H and Adorama to get a decent deal, but Apple tightly controls reselling. Leo suggests going with the refurbished store.