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Episode 1372 March 18, 2017

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Alex from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Alex would like to make a video of his daughter growing up using video and pictures. He was thinking about getting a Mac for it. Leo says Macs have a great video editing program called iMovie that comes with all models for free. Leo expects new desktops to come within the next month or so, but even if he didn't wait, he wouldn't be losing out on performance. Apple's iMac would be ideal, but it would cost him more. He could save some money and get a 21", but Leo recommends spending more and getting the 27" iMac. The larger screen really helps.

Alex could also save some money by going with Apple's official refurbished site. He'll save a few hundred bucks on them. The chatroom says he can also go to B&H and Adorama to get a decent deal, but Apple tightly controls reselling. Leo suggests going with the refurbished store.

Watch Kenny from Springfield, MO Comments

Kenny wants to get an Otter Box for his iPhone 7 Plus, but he hears that there's a rainbow effect with the screen protector. Leo says it could, if he used it. Leo doesn't put it on. It'll protect him against scratches, sure, but the glass of the iPhone is very hard. He can get a sapphire glass cover, but the problem is, he'd have to keep that protected as well.

The Otterbox is very good at protecting the phone, and most of the time, it'll hit on the case, not the screen. Leo recommends them. But if he's worried, Kenny should get the model that has a lid.

Watch Susan from Yorba Linda, CA Comments

Susan is having trouble streaming with her Blu-ray player and her TV. Leo says it could be that the Blu-ray's Wi-Fi isn't working too well. She may need to move her hotspot closer to the TV itself. It may also be that there's congestion on the 2.4 Ghz band, and her TV won't pick up the 5.0 Ghz band. She should try using her mobile phone as a hotspot and see if it picks it up. If it does, then the Wi-Fi spot is either too far away or is congested and swamped by other signals.

She can either move her hotspot, or end up getting a mesh router that can work better at it. She could also hard wire her network by using powerline networking. TPLink is a good one. It's like having a wired connection, but not as fast. She should also make sure her modem doesn't have a router built-in that's jamming it.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Randy from Lake Forest, CA Comments

Randy has been bit by malware and it won't disappear. Leo says Randy needs to just start over. He should just backup his data, then restart his computer, hold CMD + R, erase the hard drive and reinstall. He should get his data backed up first, though. It's really the safest way to fix his problem.

Watch Gillian from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada Comments

Gillian is having issues with her browser. Leo says the best way to deal with her browser problems is to reset it. She should go into the Menu, then choose Settings. She should type "Reset Settings" in the search box.

The chatroom also says that the browser may be set to delete search data on exit. shows how to disable that here.

Watch Jesse from Yorba Linda, CA Comments

Jesse noticed that the PDFs he gets have a Google Chrome icon associated with it, not Acrobat. Is that malware? Leo says no. Google Chrome can open and read PDFs.

Watch Vic from Glendale CA Comments

Vic recently lost his son and he is trying to get into his computer and accounts, but only he had the passwords. Leo says that LastPass has a feature that will enable survivors to gain access to the data. The cellphone may be a more difficult proposal, though. The dangerous thing is that there is a setting in both Android and iOS that could erase the phone if he fails 10 times to open it up.

The Aroma File Manager is a possible solution, it bypasses the pattern. He can find it at here. has an article on how to bypass using Aroma here.

There's also ADB by Google.

Watch Corey from Panama City, FL Comments

Corey is a gamer and is using a Corsair M95 mouse, but the driver software has "stuck" the buttons and even reinstalling the drivers doesn't fix it. Leo says it may be time for a new mouse. It sounds like the settings may be kept in firmware, though. He could look for a reset button. He should look for a tiny pin hole that will allow for that. But outside of that, if the settings can't be changed through the software, it indicates that the memory may have failed.

Watch Nick from Moreno Valley, CA Comments

Nick just moved in with family and they don't have Wi-Fi! He needs a printer, though. Leo says that most printers that do wireless printing do wired printing via USB too. Leo likes Epson. Canon is also a good option. HP's printers are improved, but they only use HP printer cartridges now. Leo recommends going with Epson. And since Nick is going to be printing so infrequently, he can actually shop by price.

(Disclaimer: Epson is a sponsor)

Watch Jim from Las Vegas, NV Comments

Jim is blind and he's been building up the capability of his Amazon Echo with more skills. He wants to be able to dictate and send email. Leo says that Amazon Echo can work with If This, Then That, and he can find out how to send email with it here. There's also this article by the Verge on how to do it.

Essentially, he'll use Amazon Echo to trigger If This Then That's recipe. First he'll enable the IFTTT skill through the Amazon Echo, and then write a message through the todo list. Then If This Then That will read the todo list and send the email. It won't send long emails, though. The Echo will also read a Kindle book to him, if the book is in his Kindle library.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Norman from Lakeview, OH Comments

Norman heard Leo say that the Chromebook would simplify his online life. Is that true? Leo says yes. Ten years ago, his choices were Windows or Mac and they are really overkill for most users and overly complex. Windows is worse because it's more of a security concern. But the Chromebook is so tuned into the internet, that it's simpler, and more secure. They're also more affordable. The only real need is that he'll have to have an always on internet connection.

Can he have one with a large screen? Leo says sure, with the ChromeBox. He can then hook that up to a big monitor. Or he could use a Chromebit that he can plug into a TV. Many modern Chromebooks can run Android apps as well.

Watch Chris from Aqua Dulce, CA Comments

Chris wants to cut the cord, but because he lives in a rural area, he can't get a bundled alternative. So he's looking at relying solely on internet for his TV options. What's sufficient streaming? Leo says that for 1080p, he'll need 15-20 Mbps down. If he wants 4K, he'll need at least 50Mbps. Sling TV is a good live streaming option, but Leo's favorite is PlayStation Vue. Both will give him local live channels.

What about the SkyStream 1? Leo says it's an Android TV box, and the live sporting events are not the NBA or NFL football. It's probably soccer from overseas. Leo prefers the Nvidia Shield Android TV device. Another option to start is Roku. He can get one for as low as $29.95.

Watch Matthew from Grinnell, IA Comments

Matthew's cable provider has introduced a 1GB down, 50MB up package for $139. Leo says that's a bit expensive, but it's pretty nice. What router will support that kind of speed? Leo says his stream is only going to be as fast as his slowest hardware connection. Asus's AC 5300 is a higher end router which will likely handle it no problem. It would be more expensive, but Matthew may want to consider building his own using the PFSense firewall. He should check out their store.

Watch Sheri from Pomona, CA Comments

Sheri wants a good battery backup that will last a long time and will enable her to recharge via solar. Leo says the problem with solar is that to be portable, it'll take days to charge because it would be so small. That's why Leo recommends crank chargers. They also have emergency radios built in. Campers also have camp stoves that will charge the phone by converting heat to electricity.