Why can't I connect to the internet?

Episode 1371 (1:47:35)

John from Los Angeles, CA

John downloaded a VPN program called Jailbreak and now his Windows 7 machine can't connect to the internet. Leo says the VPN is probably at fault here. VPNs act as a go-between between him and the servers he surfs to.

How can John get rid of it without making things worse? He should check his network internet settings to see if "proxy" is turned on. If that is, then he should shut it off. He should also look in his browser settings for similar things. There may also have been changes to the router settings as well. If he has access to another computer, then he should try going to this Microsoft page.

Another option is to hit the Windows Key and type "System Restore." That will roll his computer back to the time before the VPN and he'll be back in the saddle again.