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Watch Lisa from Channel Hills, CA Comments

Lisa wants to know what the future holds for saving storage and media when it comes to her personal data like photos and videos. Leo says that optical and physical media has been weeding itself out for quite some time, even though we still have hard drives. The trend is heading towards the cloud. The benefit is that she doesn't have to worry about file formats. She could continue to use hard drives, as they are getting cheaper and denser, but it's on her to keep them updated with the latest.

Leo likes to backup on both hard drives and the cloud. He backs up his photos to Google, Apple, and Amazon Photos. He also keeps a local hard drive backup as well. USB drives are also getting larger and are far easier to use. They're also getting cheaper. So Leo recommends using those as well.

Watch Kenny from Missouri Comments

Kenny wants to know when new computers will be coming out. Leo says that computers aren't like cars, so there's no annual expectation. There is a boost of new computers that usually come out in Spring and Fall, mostly for kids going back to school, and then the holiday shopping season.

How about mobile phones? Very similar for Apple, which wants their phones out in time for the holiday shopping season, but Android phones come out almost weekly. HTC has decided to only sell higher end phones moving forward, rather than get in a price war over Android phones. Although Leo says if you're paying over $800 for a smartphone, you may as well buy strictly Google's Pixel.

Watch Blanton from West Virginia Comments

Blanton's browser has been hijacked by Launchpage. His home page goes to a bunch of credit card sites and ads. Leo says that's an easy fix. In Firefox, he can just go to Settings > Preferences > General > Startup and change it there. Or, an even easier method is to drag the page he wants to the house icon and release.

He can also go to Help > Troubleshooting and then "Refresh Firefox." That'll reset his browser. has instructions on how to get rid of Launchpage.

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Watch Dave from West Michigan Comments

Dave wants to know if his old RAID hard drives can be read by his computer. Leo says it depends. If mirrored, maybe. They're identical. But maybe not. He shouldn't make any assumptions. Dave should copy the data off it and then he can take each of them and put them in their own enclosed drives, or use a new array like Synology. Synology also does a disk check periodically to keep it healthy. When he puts them in, they'll check the hard drives as they are building the raid.

Watch Mike from St. Cloud, MN Comments

Mike has a Google Nexus 6 that isn't updating. He's tried to get Nougat on it, but it won't update. Leo says that the Nexus 6 may not be getting updates anymore, especially through Verizon. Leo says he may have to root the phone to get it updated. Google didn't offer a major update to the Nexus 6, and the security update for March was pulled because it broke Android Pay. They do plan to update to version 7 soon.

Mike can update to Nougat here. Another option is to do a factory reset and see if that frees up the update cycle.

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Watch Mike from St Cloud, MN Comments

What's going on with AirPort development? Leo says that Apple has reassigned most of the engineers who handle the Airport to other products, so it sounds like Apple is moving away from it. Since routers do wear out and become unreliable over time, it's probably time to replace it with a different brand.

Watch Patrick from Louisianna Comments

Patrick is having issues with Verizon. He's getting no cloud backup and they say it's a nationwide outage. Leo says it would be in the news if that were true. Sounds like they're not fixing the problem. Leo says it's time to go to the state and federal regulators and complain.

Watch Steve from Redlands, CA Comments

Steve's Dell Inspiron laptop drops Wi-Fi all the time. Dell claims to have fixed it via remote access, but it didn't work. Leo says that it's likely the person at Dell tech support had very little training and was following the directions in the notebook. All too often it doesn't fix the problem. What he'll need to do is call them back and ask to have his case escalated to tier 2 or even tier 3 level support.

Why does Wi-Fi drop out? It could be congestion. The 2.4ghz band is woefully crowded. Also, Wi-Fi Networks could be dropping out while other networks are in heavy use. More likely, the problem is his router. Routers provided by ISPs are usually very basic modem-router combos. It's probably older, too. Leo says to turn off the router portion of it and buy his own. They are newer, more secure, and updatable. Modern routers are also dual band, which are at 2.4 and 5.0 ghz.

Check out this article on "why Wi-Fi kind of sucks now" at

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Watch Kevin from Calgary, Canada Comments

Kevin loves to travel with his wife and needs a small laptop that he can use. He was thinking of a Chromebook. Leo says that traveling is problematic with a Chromebook because he doesn't have constant access to the internet. He will have it in the hotels, sure, so that's beneficial. But on a cruise ship, the internet is slow and congested.

The Acer Transformer is a fantastic choice, which is part tablet, part laptop. It's nice and small, runs Windows, and is very fast. Leo's favorite, though, is the HP Spectre. It's super thin, light, and powerful. It has a 12-13" screen. He should also look at the Lenovo Mini.

Watch Jose from New Orleans, LA Comments

Jose wants to know where Leo got his desk. Leo says he got it at and it's the largest desk made. It's called a 3/4s desk and Leo can control the radio show from there with multiple monitors, a mixer, and much more. Check it out here. It's not cheap at $3,000. But it'll do the job.

Watch John from Baton Rouge, LA Comments

John recently bought a business, but the software that runs it is hard to use. Leo says that the problem with custom software is that it isn't usually documented or user friendly. Leo says that a good CRM program will serve him well. CRM stands for "Customer Relationship Management." Add in inventory control and he's looking at as his best bet. It's cloud based, too. Quickbooks is good for accounting. Microsoft's CRM software is also very good.

Watch John from Los Angeles, CA Comments

John downloaded a VPN program called Jailbreak and now his Windows 7 machine can't connect to the internet. Leo says the VPN is probably at fault here. VPNs act as a go-between between him and the servers he surfs to.

How can John get rid of it without making things worse? He should check his network internet settings to see if "proxy" is turned on. If that is, then he should shut it off. He should also look in his browser settings for similar things. There may also have been changes to the router settings as well. If he has access to another computer, then he should try going to this Microsoft page.

Another option is to hit the Windows Key and type "System Restore." That will roll his computer back to the time before the VPN and he'll be back in the saddle again.

Watch Gloria from North Hollywood, CA Comments

Gloria wants to cut her phone service and use Ooma. Is that a good idea? Leo says that with one computer plugged into the internet, she can, but she'll also need a router so she can give access to others. A simple wireless router from Asus or DLink would work well. She should go for the dual band or tri band router. The WireCutter suggests the TP-Link Archer C7 (v2). She can find out more about it at

Gloria should remember that when the power goes out, she won't have a phone because she won't have internet. That also means no 911. A cell phone is always wise.