What's an affordable wireless plan?

Episode 1370 (1:02:51)

Darryl from Costa Mesa, CA
Apple iPhone SE

Darryl needs a good, affordable smartphone and wireless carrier. He's thinking of the Apple iPhone SE. Leo says that the SE is a great option when trying to save some money. As for the carrier, none of the carriers provide great customer service, but it will come down to who has the best signal in his area. AT&T and Verizon will be the leaders, but Sprint and T-Mobile are very aggressive in giving out deals. Smaller carriers like MetroPCS may also be a good option, but the devil is in the details for data. So he should read the fine print on overages and base it on how much he uses. Some will also give him a low price with low data, or they'll promise unlimited data but it'll be throttled after 1-2 gigs.

Another option is prepaid pay-as-you-go plans. T-Mobile has one. They also have a very cheap $30 a month plan which is hidden in the bowels of the internet because it doesn't give you much talk, but a lot of data. Google has a prepaid plan as well with Google Fi. It uses both T-Mobile and Sprint and switches to whichever carrier has the best signal. Darryl would have to buy one of their phones, though, and they aren't all that cheap.