Vault 7 Showing How CIA Hacks for Spying

Episode 1370 (02:13)


Wikileaks has announced Vault 7, a massive collection of documents that show how the CIA uses malware and other hacking techniques to spy online. Some of the techniques includes using smartTVs as a spying device since they use cameras and microphones built into the TVs. Samsung warned of this in their terms of service for their TVs last year. But Leo says that the CIA doesn't really have a switch to turn on all TVs, and if they did, the data they'd receive would be so massive and 99.9% of it would be useless. It could be used for targeted eavesdropping, though.

There was also data to indicate that the CIA has cracked encryption of several messaging programs including WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram. Leo says that they'd have to hack a phone first in order to gain access. So Leo thinks that's mostly much ado about nothing. Meanwhile, Confide, a messaging service used by the government is not secure, nor does it require authentication.