Is my Plasma TV worth fixing?

Episode 1370 (1:23:11)

Chuck from San Diego, CA

Chuck has a 7 year old Plasma that doesn't power up anymore. Can it be fixed, and is it worth it? Leo says it could be, but since no one makes plasmas anymore, it may be harder to find the parts. If he doesn't know what's wrong, it could be going down a rabbit hole. But that also means his plasma TV could be worth more for parts. And he can replace that TV for a few hundred dollars and it will look pretty good.

What about putting a TV outdoors? Leo says that LCDs are best outdoors because they're brightest. If he wants a high end TV, then an OLED TV could be an option. They really are the best available. They aren't cheap, though. LCD will definitely give him the most bang for his buck, especially outdoors.