Why does my computer think I'm in China?

Episode 1369 (48:27)

Howard from Los Angeles, CA

Howard's Windows computer thinks he's in China when he uses Skype. Leo says to go into your Windows region settings and check the location setting. By default Skype will self populate the location for you. There could be a problem with his IP address. There's probably a batch of IP addresses that used to belong to an ISP in China and it's associating with it. Your ISP should be able to fix that if you request a new IP address. You can also just unplug your router and then plug it back in and it will get reassigned. Check out MaxMind.com. They provide IP Address Geo Location. Or IP2Location.com. IPChicken, IP.INFO. IPFingerprints.com. Try these and see if they think you're in China. If they do, then you know that it's been incorrectly associated. You can release the IP in your network settings. Unplug the router. Leave it off for awhile. The longer the better. Then plug it back in and you should have another IP address.

Another way to test it is to use a VPN. See where it thinks you are.