How do I use my phone traveling in Europe?

Episode 1369 (1:11:41)

Bill from Orange County, CA

Bill is a hiker. He's going to Europe and wants to know how to handle cell service with GPS. Leo says your phone is a great navigation tool buy a SIM in country. If you buy a SIM in country, check out It'll tell you what's available at your destination. The downside is that you'll get a different phone number with a prepaid SIM. Most carriers are now offering better unlimited international data roaming plans while you're traveling. The benefit here is that you get to use your own number. AT&T has an international day pass for $10 a day, but at 6 weeks travel, that adds up pretty quick. The better option is to just unlock your phone and get a SIM. Roaming in free in EU countries June 15th 2017. The other option is to get a MyFi WiFi card. You can use multiple devices to it.