How's the Nintendo Switch?

Episode 1368 (1:35:16)

Max from

Max is a kid gamer who's saving up for his next game console. He wants to know about the Nintendo Switch. Leo says it's getting a lot of buzz, but there aren't a lot of games for it yet. Zelda being the main one. And it's a bit pricey. Leo does expect games to be ported over from the Wii sooner or later. But the real question is, will it be another Wii U, which was a flop. In the end, it comes down to the games. If it has games you want to play and it works well, then it's a good buy. But Leo also says that if you're into retro games, an MAME emulator can let you run retro Nintendo games on your PC. Keep saving, and pay attention to it to see how it does over time.