Can the Fix Me Stick remove viruses?

Episode 1368 (1:24:33)

Jimmy from Los Angeles, CA

Jimmy wants to know if the Fix Me Stick can remove viruses from his computer. Leo says don't get since it won't provide you with anything additional that you can already download from the internet. The most important thing to look for in antivirus software is the frequency of updates. You can also make your own "fix me stick". Antivirus software gives you a false sense of security. Windows existing security software is adequate and updated often. It's best to practice safe computing. Don't click on links and don't take candy from strangers. Be smart online. If you think you've been infected, backup your data, format your hard drive, and reinstall Windows. That is ultimately the best way to get rid of all virus and malware. You can do so by creating your own boot recovery disk on a USB key with system recovery tools in case you need to rescue your computer.