Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1367 (1:02:37)

Chris Marquardt

Chris says that Wide Angle Photography is somewhat of a lost art. Going as wide as possible can give a weird look to your image if you tip the camera one way or the other because of lens distortion. This can make shooting wide a challenge, especially if you're shooting architecture. It's called "falling lines." How you can avoid this is to step back farther and go more telephoto to achieve the same look. Or you can change your perspective. Go higher up, which will mean you won't have to tilt your camera as much. Or use a tilt shift lens, or software that can turn your image into a tilt shift look. SKRWT is a great one for iPhone. It shoots your image with falling lines and then you can adjust them to straighten them out.

Don't forget our current assignment - "Break." Take a photo of, about or otherwise concerning the concept of "Break" and then post it to the Tech Guy Group on Flickr. Make sure to tag it with the word "Break" as well! And if Chris likes it, it could end up on next month's photo contest review segment!