How do I set up an internet TV studio like TWiT?

Episode 1366 (1:38:59)

Anne Marie from Orange, CA
TWiT Studio

Anne Marie and her husband have an internet TV channel called The Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network. Leo says it's great that they're harnessing the distribution power of the internet to reach the world. That's the democratization of the internet: it makes content available to anyone and everyone. Anne Marie wants to know if she should have a Roku app made so that people can stream to their TV. Leo says she'll have to be careful with who she has write the app.

Leo has a very complex set up, and she can see it at the TWIT Wiki. In a nutshell, TWiT records to something called "sneakernet," where you record to SSDs and when the show is done, the editor takes it down to his editing suite to edit. We also have backup recordings via Dell Precision Desktops running Adobe Premiere. But this turned out to be far more efficient than over complicating things through an automated network setup.