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Watch Joe from Wikiwatchi, FL Comments

Joe is a photographer and he wants to be able to key out the background and replace it. He wants to be able to do this in real time so he can show the client the photo with the keyed background. Leo says the first step is to tether the camera to a laptop so it'll show the image on a screen right away. That means he'll be adding a radio transmitter or something to his camera and a receiver on the laptop. Then he'll need software like Lightroom that could do this.

Someone in the chatroom said they use Capture One Pro for tethering. Leo says many photographer supply stores have all-in-one kits for this as well.

Image By Jared Tarbell from Albuquerque, United States of America (green room) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Watch Neil from Phoenix, AZ Comments

Neil bought a Harmony Hub for his home theater. He streams with Apple TV and a FireTV stick and he's having trouble running Netflix through it. Leo says to make sure the Hub is set to input 4, the TV is set to input 1, and then pair the Harmony app with Apple TV. It could be a limitation of Apple TV that the Harmony can't hook into the audio interface. The only device that would allow him to launch channels through the Harmony Hub is Roku.

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Watch Kenny from Springfield, MO Comments

Kenny wants to get a good laptop with decent speakers for playing games and doing some graphical work. Leo says Kenny can get a desktop replacement laptop and get that kind of performance, but it would be a bit heavy.

Alienware makes great laptops that are designed for gaming with high end desktop processors and NVidia graphic cards. They have 13" to 17" screens. That's what he'll be looking for. Razer is another one. The Razer Blade is a bit smaller and lighter. It's a good choice. They're powerful enough to run VR headsets, too.

Watch Bret from Woodbridge, NJ Comments

Bret has to constantly change the time on his computer because it keeps going back to another time zone. Leo says that he'll need to go into the settings and look for the time zone for his area. For New Jersey, it would be UTC-5. If the problem still perstists, then it could be a dying battery of the motherboard. That battery looks like a coin.

Watch Chris from Miami, FL Comments

Chris doesn't like the Mac Mail app, and PGP tends to screw things up. Leo has been making PGP keys since 2005, but when he made them, he didn't keep track of the revocation password or get a revocation certificate so he can't revoke old keys. It's always best to use the most recent key. The way to verify that encrypted email with Leo works is by going to his website at and checking the PGP link, which is his most current key. PGP doesn't work with the updated macOS Sierra Mail app, though. Leo actually doesn't use Apple Mail, he uses Mail Mate instead. It's not free, but it does have a free trial.

Chris' main problem with Apple has been that speech recognition is using well over 1GB of memory in Activity Monitor. Leo says that speech recognition is one of those things that is memory intensive. Speech recognition has to keep a big vocabulary in RAM to keep up with it. Using 1GB if he's got 8GB is not a real concern.

Watch Greg from Redlands, CA Comments

Greg is looking to buy a new laptop and wants to know if he can still increase the RAM after he buys it. Can he plug in the RAM he has in his old one to boost the RAM of the new one? Leo says probably not. The form factor needs to be the same, and in most laptops the RAM is soldered in. He may be able to if it's SO DIM compatible, but then there's the speed issue.

Greg should go to Crucial or Kingston and use their RAM Picker to see what he'll need. If it comes up with something similar, then maybe it'll work, but it's not likely.

Image By No machine-readable author provided. Cyberdex assumed (based on copyright claims). [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Watch Ben from San Diego, CA Comments

Ben wants to know if he can sync iCal with Outlook. Leo says that he would use Google Calendar as an intermediary. Ben can sync Outlook to Google and then Google to iCal. That should work.

Here's a technote from Apple on how to fix Exchange syncing with iCal. It's probably an update that broke it.

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Watch Anne Marie from Orange, CA Comments

Anne Marie and her husband have an internet TV channel called The Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network. Leo says it's great that they're harnessing the distribution power of the internet to reach the world. That's the democratization of the internet: it makes content available to anyone and everyone. Anne Marie wants to know if she should have a Roku app made so that people can stream to their TV. Leo says she'll have to be careful with who she has write the app.

Leo has a very complex set up, and she can see it at the TWIT Wiki. In a nutshell, TWiT records to something called "sneakernet," where you record to SSDs and when the show is done, the editor takes it down to his editing suite to edit. We also have backup recordings via Dell Precision Desktops running Adobe Premiere. But this turned out to be far more efficient than over complicating things through an automated network setup.

Watch Roger from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Roger says that when he puts his Asus laptop into hibernation, when it wakes up, it reboots. Leo says it sounds like Windows power and sleep issues, which have been a common malady in the operating system. Leo says he should look in his power settings to see what it's set for. It sounds like it turns itself off instead of going to sleep.

Roger should take it in and have a technician look at it. Before he does though, he should back up his data and do a complete restore. If it works fine after that, then it was a software issue. If it still happens, then it's hardware. He could also look in the event log to see what is happening.

Watch Evangeline from Virginia Beach VA Comments

Evangeline has a hand me down laptop and she wants to know if there's a way for someone to access it without her permission. Leo says it's conceivable if they know her IP address and the password for the administrator account, which is highly unlikely. Leo says to change the Admin password. She can also go into the settings and disable remote access.

She may want to just format and reinstall Windows. She can just press the Windows key and type "recovery" to get to it. She should make sure to back up her data first. Wiping the computer and reinstalling Windows is the only way she can be sure no one has anything installed on her computer.

Watch Bill from Fullerton, CA Comments

Bill has a Sony Smart TV, and it has to be rebooted pretty often due to the computer crashing. Leo says this is why the industry doesn't need a computer inside of everything. A TV shouldn't need to be rebooted, so that points to something being wrong with the TV. Sony may have a reboot procedure that can wipe it and reinstall the OS. Since it runs Android TV, there should be a way to do it, but the question is how. Only Sony can tell him that.