Why is my Wi-Fi so bad?

Episode 1365 (1:50:46)

Joe from Orange County, CA
Netgear Orbi

Joe is having issues with terrible Wi-Fi downstairs. Leo says that there are two ways to improve Wi-Fi:

1) Improve reception by setting a secondary Wi-Fi access point that can extend the signal by amplifying it. He'll want to buy the extender from the same company that made the base station.
2) Get what's called a Mesh Network, which creates a secondary connection to another router. There are a few to choose from: Google WiFi, Eero, Netgear Orbi, and Ubiquity AmpliFi HD. These are a bit more expensive, though.

He also may need to buy a new DOCSIS III cable modem to do it, and this would have the secondary advantage of getting rid of his modem rental fee. Leo recommends Arris or Motorola Surfboard.

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