How can I block robocalls on my landline?

Episode 1364 (1:24:40)

Rick from Glendale, CA
Digitone ProSeries Call Blocker

Rick wants to know if there's a call blocker for a landline phone. 95% of the calls he gets are Robocalls. He uses Ooma and they want $120 a year to block calls, so he wants to know if there's a good hardware based option. Leo says that most of the services he sees are generally White listers.

Consumer Reports recommends the Digitone ProSeries Call Blocker, which can block 1,000 numbers, and can block area codes and exchanges. It works with landline and VOIP services. It costs about $100 on Amazon. CPR CallBlocker is another one with good reviews.

There's also the service NoMoRobo. It works because it's crowd sourced, so it's constantly being updated.