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Watch Chip from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Chip's Samsung Galaxy mobile phone had a bunch of pictures on it, but they started disappearing. Leo says that there may be an app that is moving the photos to a folder, and they aren't really missing. Or the images are being uploaded and then deleted to preserve space. For instance, Google Photos does this. In fact, Leo recommends using Google Photos anyway, since Chip will be assured that his photos are being backed up to the cloud.

Leo advises wiping the phone, restoring it, and then taking some pictures. See if the images are still disappearing. If they are, then there's an issue with the OS. Leo suspects that it'll solve the problem.

Watch Ernesto from Las Vegas, NV Comments

Ernesto finally got an iPhone 7, but he can't use iTunes with it because his Mac is too old. Leo says that if he wants to sync it via wire, then he'll have to update his computer. He could pay the $25 for iTunes Match, and that would put his entire music collection up in the cloud. Then he could access the music from his current Mac as well.

A third party solution is Vox. He can also manage his iTunes collection with DoubleTwist.

Watch Tim from Diana, TX Comments

Tim wants to know why he's not getting his phone updated. Leo says that since Tim is a subscriber of Straight Talk, it's likely that they aren't sending out all the official updates. Leo advises talking to Straight Talk about when he can expect the next update for his phone.

The only other option is to root it and install it himself, but that's not for everyone. He can find out how to do it at XDA Developer Forums. He'll have to follow the directions to the letter or he'll end up bricking his phone.

Image by Sylvain Naudin [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Flickr.

Watch David from Little Rock, AR Comments

David is an iPhone user and he wants to start using Google Voice, but he doesn't know if it's better than trying Allo or the other messenger programs. Leo says that iPhone users should just stick with iMessage. All SMS messages will go to iMessage anyway, because Apple doesn't let users change the default messenger app. iMessages will be color coded blue, while regular SMS messages will be color coded green.

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Watch Taj from Oregon Comments

Taj likes the idea of the new Epson EcoTank Printer. Is it worth the money, though? Leo says it absolutely is. It costs more up front, but he'll get 2 years of ink with it.

Do all Epson printers have that feature? Leo says no. Taj will have to look at what features each printer has. Not all are wireless or come with 2 years of ink. The wireless feature is great because he could scan to the cloud. The Epson EcoTank printer, while admittedly an advertiser, has some really great features.

(Disclaimer: Epson is a sponsor)

Watch Jay from Providence, NC Comments

Jay would like to get a new, affordable router. What's a good budget model. Leo says that the Ubiquity EdgeRouter X is a solid one, but it isn't wireless. It's wired. But Steve Gibson says that for $50, it's fantastic, configurable, and very secure.

Watch Kathy from La Verne, CA Comments

Kathy wants to know if Leo can recommend a metal detector for looking for gold. Leo says he doesn't have one, but every time he thinks about buying something, he goes to The Wire Cutter.

The chatroom says that there's a list of the best under $1,000 here. But take it with a grain of salt because they could be paid.

Watch Kurt from Calabasas, CA Comments

Kurt has a 2013 MacBook Pro. He is worried about how much memory he has, since he only has 8GB. Leo says that macOS has a really good memory manager that can enable it to run with less RAM than other computers. It's really good at releasing RAM when other programs need it. He'll also want to be sure that the extensions in his browser aren't being memory hogs. The best browser on the Mac for memory management is Safari, by far.

Kurt also wants to know if he can upgrade it to macOS Sierra. If Apple recommends it, Leo says he should do it.

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Watch Karen from Diamond Bar, CA Comments

Karen has a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and she broke the screen. She bought an unlocked Note 4 from eBay to replace it, but it came in Korean. Leo says that's not unusual. Samsung is global and it sounds like she got one for the Korean market instead. That's why it's always best to buy the phone from the carrier. She'll get a better deal on eBay, but it may not come unlocked. Amazon is another good option.

Watch Kenny from Springfield, MO Comments

Kenny wants to know if the Canon ImageClass printers are a good buy. Leo says that he's used the Pixma line and they were good printers. Kenny might want to consider a laser printer for light printing duty, though.

The Chatroom says that ImageClass may be programmed to expire the toner over time, even if there's plenty available. Leo says that's deplorable.

Watch Richard from Oceanside, CA Comments

Richard got bit by ransomware. He got an email from FedEx saying they couldn't deliver a package and then when he clicked a link, 10 minutes later he got a message saying all his files had been encrypted. They wanted Bitcoin or his data would be lost.

Leo says it's not unusual to either get no key or the key doesn't work if he were to pay up. Richard's son was able to reverse the encryption, though. Leo says if the ransomware bug is poorly written, it's possible to go online and back engineer the encryption key. But that's only for a few cases and Richard got lucky. So just in case, backup that data, format the hard drive, and reinstall windows.

Image by Christiaan Colen [CC BY-SA 2.0]