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Watch Mike from Portland, ME Comments

Mike needs a program that can transcribe a large audio file. Leo says that there's an Amazon transcription service called Mechanical Turk. They have several different people do the transcribing and then look for a consensus. Then post it when they reach it.

There's also an app for Chrome called Transcribe. Leo says a court reporter does their Security Now show. YouTube offers translation and transcription services as well.

Watch Dale from Palmdale, CA Comments

Dale is trying to upgrade to Windows 10, but his AVG antivirus software won't let him do it. He's tried to remove it but it still won't let him. Leo recommends going to the AVG website to download their removal/uninstaller tool. He shouldn't reinstall that either, as Windows already has its own antivirus called Windows Defender. If that doesn't work, he may have to back up his data, format the drive, and install Windows 10 from a clean hard drive.

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Watch Chuck from Lake Havasu, AZ Comments

Chuck is blind and he wants to get a laptop with a screen reader. Leo says that there are many blind users who are fully functional on a computer. There are braile screens. JAWS is a screen reader, but it's expensive. There's an open source version as well.

Leo advises contacting the Foundation for the Blind in his area to help set him up with an affordable option. The good news is that Amazon Echo and Google Home are advancing so quickly that soon he'll be able to interact with it for all sorts of everyday uses.

Watch Charles from Vienna, VA Comments

Every time Charles tries to open Gmail on his Google Nexus, it wants him to sign in. He's suspicious that someone may have hacked his account. Leo says that there's a lot of reasons to be advised of that, but it's always wise to run Google's Security Checkup just to be safe. It'll tell him what devices are connected to his account and also input a second factor authentication warning.

Watch Lorne from Turlock, CA Comments

Lorne uses headphones with his DirecTV set top box, but when he's streaming Netflix or Amazon content from his TV, he can't hear it through the headphones. Leo says he'll need to use the ARC (audio return channel) to the set top box. There should be a label on one of the TV's ports for that. That will send audio from the TV back into the set top box.

Another way to do this is to take the audio from the optical port of the TV to his headphones. Lorne does have a soundbar hooked up to that, though. Lorne is wondering if they make a sound bar with an audio jack on it, but he couldn't find one.

The Chatroom suggests SongSimian, which has a great article on the Best Soundbars with Headphone jacks.

Watch Ray from Playa Del Rey, CA Comments

Ray can't get a decent AM radio signal where he lives. What can he do? Leo says that streaming is a better option. He can stream using iHeartRadio, Tune In, or even just going to a station's website. Or he can get a better AM antenna that he can plug into his radio. CCrane is the best place to go.

Another idea is to get an Amazon Echo Dot, hook it up to the stereo, and then listen to radio that way.

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Watch Frederick from Detroit, MI Comments

Frederick uses an open access port with his iPhone but it always asks him to sign in. Leo says that's called a captive portal, which is done when using a hotspot. He needs to activate the portal. He should point his browser to Or he can choose to "forget" the Wi-Fi access point. That will reset it and then he can sign back in. Leo actually recommends getting a travel router like the Tiny Hardware Firewall to protect him.

Watch Greg from Orange County, CA Comments

Greg wants to read PDFs with his Chromebook, but he can't. Leo says that everyone assumes that everyone either owns Acrobat or Microsoft Office, but he'll have LibreOffice on that Chromebook and it should read it.

If not, Leo says there's a good PDF Reader as a Chrome extension called Kami. Doctor Mom also says he can install Office 365 on his Chromebook.