Why does Windows 7 keep saying it's preparing to delete files?

Episode 1361 (56:40)

Barbara from Los Angeles, CA

Barbara is getting a message that Windows 7 is preparing to delete her files as soon as she turns on her computer. Leo says that if Barbara has left files in the recycle bin, it may be that when she turns on the computer, it wants to delete the files in the recycle bin because it's full. She should try emptying the recycle bin, assuming she doesn't want anything in it, and then that should solve the popup. If she reboots and the message is still coming up, there could be something wrong with her system. Leo suggests she back up her data, format the drive, and reinstall Windows from a known good source. It'll also make her computer faster again.

Should she take it in? Leo says she should back up her data first. Then they can go and see what's running in the background. But she can use Microsoft's Process Explorer, which is part of SysInternals, to see what's running in the background. If there's something there she can't get rid of, Malware Bytes can fix it.

Leo also recommends that Barbara get a Chromebook next time.