How can I protect my elderly mother from online scams?

Episode 1361 (2:08:38)

Kathleen from San Diego, CA

Kathleen's elderly Aunt has a Windows computer which she uses to access Facebook and then Outlook for email. Her problem is that she has had a ton of malware and phishing scams that have cost her a lot of money. Leo says that the elderly have always been easy prey to scam artists. It won't happen on a Chromebook though, and she should really have her get one. Leo says to be her administrator and give her a regular user account. But even at the end of the day, that won't stop her from calling a number.

Kathleen can also put U Block Origin on her computer. It'll block all those popups from happening. Can she block remote access to Windows? Leo says she can lock the system down with tools like Group Policy Editor. The Chatroom says that there is a 'Disable Remote Access Control' in Windows settings, but then it won't let Kathleen get remote access either.

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