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Watch Brian from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Brian's doctor is sending him emails that are encrypted. He's supposed to click on a link and then log into GoDaddy to see it, but it doesn't really work. Leo says the doctor is sending the additional security to maintain HIPPA compliance and he's using a third party encryption to do it. Since it's not really accessible to Brian because he's blind, Leo says he should advise them that it isn't working. Leo advises GPG, public key crypto. It uses one key to encrypt, and another to decrypt. Once it's set up, it's outstanding and safe.

Watch Arthur from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Leo recommends a template based web builder like Squarespace, Weebly, Wix or Wordpress. Squarespace is great because it's free to start out, and then Arthur could either choose a template and customize it, or ask a group of experts help him add functions like logins, databases, social media extensions, etc. It's very expensive to do a professional grade website. He'll be much better off with something that's simpler and can be customized.

(Disclaimer: Squarespace and Wordpress are sponsors)

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Watch Scott from Santa Monica Fwy, CA Comments

Scott wants to know if he can take the hard drive out of an old computer and then put it into a new one. Leo says yes, but he should only use it as a data drive. He could probably put it in an external USB enclosure so he can plug it in when he needs to. He could install it as a secondary hard drive as well. If he wants to use software from that hard drive, that's a lot more problematic due to registry issues. He may be able to dual boot from the older driver, but the device drivers won't work. So he'll have to work around that and use a boot manager.

Scott can also try using a virtual machine with the secondary hard drive using VirtualBox or VMware. vCenter Converter will do just what he needs. Microsoft's version is called Hyper-V.

Image By Evan-Amos (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

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Watch David from El Segundo, CA Comments

David tethers his computer through his mobile device, but he's wondering if it's secure. Leo says it's probably more secure because cell phones are encrypted now. Using the Wi-Fi through his phone is a different matter, if he's at a public hotspot. At that point, his traffic is out in the clear and easily grabbed. If he's going to use a hotspot, Leo advises using the Tiny Hardware Firewall and a VPN. The Tiny Hardware Firewall is like a router that then connects to his phone. It's really good, but it can slow things down a bit.

Watch Tom from Edgemoor, SC Comments

Tom wants to know if solar power is affordable. Leo says they use Solar City's Power Purchase agreement and it's slightly less expensive than the local power company. Solar power isn't all that efficient, but it's getting better and more affordable over time.

Watch Brian from Lancaster, CA Comments

Brian thinks his Mac got hit by malware. He clicked on a link that took him to a page saying his Adobe Flash player was out of date, and he installed something. Now he thinks he's been busted. Leo says that Chrome has Flash built-in, and it's always updated, so he'll never have an outdated version.

Leo also says that Malware isn't really the issue here because Macs are not really subject to Malware like Windows. It's more likely a browser hijack plugin. He'll find them in the extensions, and it's simply a matter of deleting the extension and rebooting his browser. Given what may or may not be on there, if he's backed up, he should go into recovery mode and format the hard drive, then reinstall the operating system.

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Watch Daniel from Glendora, CA Comments

Daniel is looking to get a MacBook Pro for video and music editing. Leo says that Macs are excellent for that, and Final Cut is a popular editing tool. But for Leo, the Touch Bar doesn't really work and is an added expense for no good reason. The lower end MacBook Pro isn't really power enough for editing a feature, though.

Leo says he could save money by getting the 2015 MacBook Pro. He could probably get it refurbished. The new one doesn't seem to be that much faster, if at all. He'll probably want the i7 since it has hyper threading, which would be great for multi track recording.

Watch Larry from Sherman Oaks, CA Comments

Larry is vision impaired. He got a Roku and installed it, but it has no accessibility option as advertised. He updated the firmware to get it, and then it downgraded itself. He's frustrated because Roku's tech support is terrible.

Leo says it's no excuse for Roku to not offer accessibility and support for their clients. Leo advises contacting Steven Kay at or call 408-556-9391. He's the vice president in charge of accessibility.

Watch Joe from Corona, CA Comments

Joe has an old Vista computer that he uses mostly for syncing an old Windows Phone PDA. Joe would like to take that laptop and put Linux on it with an SSD. Leo says that Linux is a good idea, but that Vista laptop is probably not fast enough to get any great benefit from an SSD. But he should definitely install Linux on it. Leo likes XUbuntu and LUbuntu, which is designed to run on the older hardware.

Joe is also interested in getting a Google Pixel. Leo says to get it with Google Fi. It works great because it crosses networks to whatever is the best coverage in the area he's at. It's also pay as you go with data at $10 per GB.

Watch Larry from San Bernardino, CA Comments

Larry bought a Rasperry Pi 3 to create a media center. Leo says it's a great deal at $35 and it also comes with a copy of Minecraft for the kids. It works with the ARM Cortex processor. Should he get one with an Octocore? Leo says no, that's just marketing. The Raspberry Pi 3 doesn't need that for what it does.

For making a home theater PC, he should get a more powerful one like the Asus Tinker Board. It comes with 2GB of RAM, and more RAM may be better for him than anything else.