What can I do if there's no broadband in my area?

Episode 1358 (10:39)

Eric from Ft. Worth, TX
Fiber Optic Cable

Eric built a house, but there is no internet connection or cable in his community. So the builder is suggesting buying cellular data as a solution. Leo says that sounds like a lawsuit in the making. Leo says that Eric's only real solution other than cellular is satellite, and although it's getting better, it still has severe bandwidth caps. Leo says logging a complaint with the state Public Utilities Commission could help, but it sounds like it's up to Eric to look for wireless solutions.

One thing to consider is banding together as a co-op to get fiber optic cable installed. If the whole community isn't wired, that could be his only option. There's a great article for it at slate.com. Eric should check out the community internet project in Van Zant County, Texas.