Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1358 (23:08)

Scott Wilkinson

A week before the Super Bowl is the best time to buy a new TV, and Scott has written an article at AVS Forum on the Eight best TVs for Hosting a Super Bowl Party. People think Black Friday is the best time to buy a new TV, but it's actually just before the Super Bowl because that's the first quarter of the year, and just before the new models come out. The top TV on Scott's list is the LG B6 ($1898-2997) OLED TV. There's also a budget LG UH7700 for $897.

What happened to Vizio? Scott says that while he likes to recommend Vizio's for their black levels, for a party, the viewing angle is important and Vizios just don't have that because they don't use an IPS screen that offers a better angle.

Is it OK to buy on Amazon? Scott thinks so. Returns can be problematic, but Leo says that Amazon has "white glove delivery" and they bring it in and set it up to make sure it arrived safely. If you don't think it arrived right, you can have them take it away.