Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1358 (1:15:09)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet had to get a last minute ticket to New York when a family member suddenly passed away. So Johnny now suggests keeping some of your miles in a bank just in case you need to fly at the last minute for an emergency. Also, if you want to use your miles for a vacation, plan your vacation at the last minute and fly standby. Often times, that's when you'll get the best deal. What's the best airline for miles? Johnny says it's Alaska Airlines, where you can get one point for one mile flown.

App of the week - Get Human. This allows you to call a company and get a human being by inputting the suggested keys when prompted. It's a bit out of date, but it'll work. Leo says you can Google a company name and "get human" and get the same information.

Website of the week - Drink Pure Wine. It takes the sulfites out.