Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1358 (2:08:25)

Dick DeBartolo

4Moms has a high tech stroller called The Moxie Stroller. It has a power generator in the wheel to charge your mobile device, plus an LCD dashboard that displays speed, distance, temperature and calories burned. It has headlights and tail-lights. The company says it's compatible with their 4Moms self installing car seat we showed last year, and several other models. It's suitable for a child from birth to 55 lb and offers a full coverage canopy with pop out shade and UPF 30 protection.

It's said to grow with your baby. It has carriage, parent-facing seat, and forward-facing seat modes and a 5 position adjustable handlebar. The battery is self-charging via generators in the rear wheels. Other features include a dashboard bag and storage basket, cup holder, swivel locks on front wheels for rough terrain, easy one-step fold, front and rear wheel suspension. MSRP: is $699.99.

- Giz Wiz CES Video (YouTube)
- Company website (4moms.com)