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Watch Eric from Ft. Worth, TX Comments

Eric built a house, but there is no internet connection or cable in his community. So the builder is suggesting buying cellular data as a solution. Leo says that sounds like a lawsuit in the making. Leo says that Eric's only real solution other than cellular is satellite, and although it's getting better, it still has severe bandwidth caps. Leo says logging a complaint with the state Public Utilities Commission could help, but it sounds like it's up to Eric to look for wireless solutions.

One thing to consider is banding together as a co-op to get fiber optic cable installed. If the whole community isn't wired, that could be his only option. There's a great article for it at Eric should check out the community internet project in Van Zant County, Texas.

Watch Terry from Orange, CA Comments

Terry wants to pair his car with his Android phone, but he's wondering how he can unlock his phone when he's driving. Leo says that starting with version 5, Android will automatically pair with the car as a trusted device and unlock the phone, putting it into "Auto Mode." What if it doesn't recognize it as a trusted device? Leo says he should be able to add it in settings under "Smart Lock." He'll need to be paired to do it.

Watch Kyle from Columbus, OH Comments

Kyle upgraded to the new Google Pixel on Google Fi, but he was told he would need a new version 2 SIM card. Leo says it may be that new services are supported in the new SIMs including multiple ISPs.

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Watch Chuck from Lake Havasu, AZ Comments

Chuck wants to know if he can listen to Leo's show on the Amazon Echo. Leo says yes, but he'll have ask it to listen via TuneIn. Chuck also wants to know if his Mitsubishi rear projection TV can hook up to his Sonos and also play through wireless headphones? Leo says that because of the age, it probably can't play both streams at the same time. If it could, it would have competing volumes.

Watch Peter from Lake Geneva, WI Comments

Peter has a non profit and he's looking for a database to keep track of his clientele. Leo says that BatchBook is good. It's $35 a month, and free to try. Other options include Donor Snap and NonProfitEasy. Leo says that there's probably some free solutions as well. Peter should check out for more suggestions.

Watch Scott from Studio City, CA Comments

Scott is looking to cut the cable. What are his options? Leo says his favorite is PlayStation Vue, but there's also Sling TV, and DirecTV Now, which is going through some growing pains right now.

Scott will want to look at the price point vs. the channels he wants. The nice thing about Playstation Vue is that they have live, local programming.

Watch Alan from Pennsylvania Comments

Alan "geeked" himself into a corner trying to protect his family on the internet. Leo says that OpenDNS is the best option because he can block unwanted websites from the DNS level. That prohibits teens from getting around it. He can change the DNS settings to OpenDNS at the router and it has great filters he can use. Then he can password protect the router so they can't bypass it.

Of course, the kids could just reset the router, but then he'd catch them. If they have a mobile phone, they can simply surf via 4G and they're out in the open again. has an internet contract and he can get them to agree to behave online or suffer the agreed consequences. Perhaps sitting them down and talking to them about the realities of what's out there is in order.

How about Mesh Networking for WiFi issues? Leo says that the Plume works if he can get it. He should also look into the Eero, which has some additional smart features for disabling internet access to specific devices. Another option is Cujo.

(Disclaimer: Eero is a sponsor)

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Watch Mark from Temecula, CA Comments

Mark hasn't updated his iPhone because he's worried that doing so will prevent him from syncing with iTunes on his old MacBook. Where can he go to see what updates will support what versions of OS X? iOS 10 requires iTunes 12.5.1 to sync, so Mark is probably not going to want to update it. What version will work on Snow Leopard? Leo says that Mark can probably use the new version of iTunes on Snow Leopard, but this is worth verifying before he does anything.

Doctor Mom says that there's an Apple technote on this at

Watch Marnie from Orange County, CA Comments

Marnie is having issues backing up her folders with Carbonite. It says it can't back up because folders are being synced to DropBox. Leo says that's likely true, and that both are competing for the same files to back up. It may be that Carbonite has to wait until Dropbox syncs before it backs up. Leo says she can stop DropBox, uninstall it, and then reinstall it. That could make it much easier to work with.

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Watch Mark from Grand Rapids, MI Comments

Mark finally got a Google Pixel XL, which was on back order. Leo says it's been widely known that they're only available in limited quantities right now. It's likely that the demand exceeded Google's expectation. Mark says he likes the Wi-Fi assistant because it'll automatically connect via VPN. Does it really work? Leo says yes. Phones can be a bit promiscuous with random hotspots. So Google adds an encrypted connection via VPN to protect users. Leo says he doesn't really like joining Wi-Fi access points automatically, so he's turned it off.

From the chatroom, the majority of VPNs don't keep you safe. So Mark should stick with Google, or just turn it off.

Watch Deena from Manhattan Beach, CA Comments

Deena wants to be able to record the audio when she's talking on her phone. Suggestions? Leo says that eCamm PhoneView is a great solution. But she should remember that she'll have to get permission to record in some states.