Why does Windows 10 keep telling me I'm unprotected?

Episode 1357 (2:14:56)

Bret from Wood-Ridge, NJ
Windows 10

Bret has Windows 10 and uses Windows Defender, but it keeps telling him he's unprotected -- even if he's just run a scan. Leo says there's a little red flag in the task menu, and if he opens that up, it will tell him what's unprotected. Bret says it's just notifications that keep coming up, and Leo says he can just turn those notifications off. Leo suggests looking at the screen that tells him what's unprotected. If he doesn't have protection updates turned on, he may want to do that. If he wants to be as safe as possible, he should turn all that stuff on. It could just be that those updates aren't turned on or his definitions aren't up to date. Bret says everything is up to date, though.

Leo suggests doing a thorough scan to see if that resets it. It shouldn't be notifying him right after performing a scan, unless it's just not registering that he's done a scan.