What phone carrier is best for tethering?

Episode 1357 (1:07:52)

Mike from El Segundo, CA
Samsung Galaxy S7

Mike got a Samsung Galaxy S7 and he's concerned about the same battery issues happening to the S7 that happened to the Note 7. Leo says that's not a concern as it's a completely different design. We have no one to blame but ourselves since we're always demanding a thinner phone. Leo would rather have a thicker phone and better battery life.

Mike's Galaxy S7 has cracked twice. What case should he get? Leo says that it really doesn't matter if he's clumsy. Leo doesn't even use a case.

Mike is also about to change his carrier and wants to be able to tether. Leo says it depends on what's best in his area. Leo likes T-Mobile because it's very aggressive in pricing and service. Good high speed internet with unlimited data (which slows down after the first few GB).