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Watch Kyle from Torrance, CA Comments

Kyle wonders what the future holds for game consoles like the PlayStation. Will there be a new version like a PS5 or will it just keep with incremental improvements like the PlayStation Pro? Leo says that the PS4 has a very powerful processor, and console game systems have a life span of about 10 years before they move to the next platform update. So Leo would imagine we'll see updates during that time, and we hear there will be serious revisions this year. We'll probably see the end of optical media in favor of downloads.

Leo suspects that the more things change, the more it will remain the same, with only modest updates including virtual reality, broadcasting and mobile gaming options.

Watch Robert from California Comments

Robert has an LG HDTV that is only six years and has died. Is it worth repairing? Scott says not really. It's actually cheaper these days to just replace the TV. Robert says that his LG has four HDMI connectors, but he's lucky to find just two in today's modern TVs. Leo suggests just getting an AV Receiver and that will handle the multiple HDMI connectors. Can he trust LG moving forward? Scott says yes.

Watch Amy from Orange County, CA Comments

Amy is experiencing very slow access to internet and remote desktop, and sometimes it just times out. Leo suggests shutting down remote desktop to see if her browser works better, as it may be taking up resources. It's possible malware may be the culprit, but if she's not seeing anything with MalwareBytes, that's unlikely. It could be something simple like a bad network cable to her router. So she should start easy with swapping out the cable. Since her other computer works just fine, that eliminates the internet connection itself. So we know it's a problem with this particular computer.

Hardware issues like a flakey hard drive could be at fault, or even a corrupted driver. Amy should boot her computer in Safe Mode with Networking. If that makes it work fine, she'll know it's a driver. If not, it could point to a bad network stack in Windows, and she can run Windows Install and select "Repair." It sounds like it's time to get a new computer, though, and Leo says the new HPs are beautiful.

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Watch Michael from San Diego, CA Comments

Tom says that new computers will use mobile phone processors that are so powerful, that it'll be possible to undock a computer and move from terminal to terminal. Leo says that is going to be a new trend, enabling users to move data and files along with the processor. It'll be interesting to see if it catches on.

How about fingerprint readers? Leo says that everyone is getting into that, and Qualcomm is creating their own called "Snapdragon Sense." Now we're seeing that Apple is suing Qualcomm over charging royalties for patents they don't own.

Watch Bill from San Gabriel, CA Comments

Bill can't access files on an old XP machine unless he logs into an intranet and connects to it remotely. He can't see them if he logs onto the computer directly. Leo says if he has access to the machine remotely, he should be able to copy the files to another computer, or even a thumb drive. Any change he makes to the database will not populate to the shared version, though. He'd have to sync to them. It would be better to make them read only and not make changes until he updates the local copy of the old machine.

Watch Nate from Diamond Bar, CA Comments

Nate wants to know if there's a better notification system for messages in Android that can put notifications on apps like the iPhone. Leo says that there are third party launchers that can do that and one of the benefits of Android is that he can change his launcher if he doesn't like it. Leo recommends Nova Launcher. He'll also need TeslaUnread, which is a plugin that will add the notification badges.

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Watch Jim from Danville, CA Comments

Jim is wondering if he has a virus. He tried to erase old PDF files and folders and got an error that Windows couldn't. Leo says that some viruses can survive a format, but they're unusual, and are not easily accessible in folders on Windows. They're usually hiding in the Master Boot Record or in the memory of the video card. It's probably just a precautionary message.

Jim can repartition his hard drive and get rid of them. Would it be safe to move those PDF files to another drive? Leo says he can, as long as he keeps his Reader files patched. Since Adobe's Acrobat gets updated automatically now, he should be fine.

Watch Terri from Acton, CA Comments

Terri got satellite internet and she used up her peak time cap watching TV. Leo says that the problem with satellite TV is that it has very limited bandwidth and as such, it can limit the amount of bandwidth she'll use. Is there a way she can download Netflix programs to do it?

Leo says that Netflix does offer the ability to download programming, but only to the phone. It's much easier on the desktop, because she can use Kodi (formerly XBox Media Center), Plex, and PlayOn, which all can do it. Creating a DVR with an iPhone is a bit of a challenge, though.

Watch Rob from Tarzana, CA Comments

Rob wants to know how he can sign into multiple GMail accounts at once. Leo says that Gmail supports it. He just has to click on his picture and press the "add account" button. Then he'll be signed in and he won't have to sign out of the other account.

Watch Rob from Tarzana Comments

Rob has a MacBook Air that runs really slow. Is it worth replacing the hard drive on it? Leo says it's not only worth it, but MacSales can show him how. iFixIt also has repair manuals for replacing the keys.

(Disclaimer: iFixIt is a sponsor)

Watch Rick from Glendale, CA Comments

Rick misses the desktop search engine feature on Windows XP. Leo says that there are better third party programs. X1 is not only as powerful, but lightning fast. Total Commander is free, though.

Rick also wants to get TiVo Roamio because it promises lifetime support. How legitimate is that promise? Leo says that TiVo just got sold to Rovi and all bets are off at this point, especially since they've said "we're not big on hardware." So what's the future there? Noone knows. Rick can always put an antenna up and get HD in its best uncompressed format. Then he can use the Channel Master DVR as an option.

Watch Steven from Las Vegas, NV Comments

Steven is worried that his Amazon Dot could be hacked since it becomes a Wi-Fi access point during setup. Leo says it only becomes an access point during that setup process, and after that it turns off. This does bring up an interesting issue, however, about how the Dot communicates with the device used for setup. Is that communication encrypted? Leo thinks it probably is, but there's no password required to access the Dot during setup, so we don't really know.