What camera should I get to monitor my elderly mother?

Episode 1355 (1:08:57)

Ron from Charlotte, NC
Nest Cam

Ron's mother in law is 89 and he wants to be able to put a camera in her home to check on her from time to time. Leo says that a lot of security cameras can be connected to the internet for that purpose, but there are privacy issues. There is a company out there that monitors ancilliary things like refrigerators, and other internet connected devices to know what she's doing. Ron's mom would need to wear a special watch for that to work.

Nest has an internet connected camera that will work, though. He can even have one that records at all times or only when there's motion. Blink makes some battery only cameras. Our sponsor Ring make a wireless camera that can even be solar powered. The YI Home Wireless Camera is a great inexpensive option for just $35. It will record to an SD card and is very affordable.