Can I use DDNS with a VPN instead of paying extra for a static IP?

Episode 1355 (45:10)

JC from Mississippi
Netgear AC1750

JC was looking for a new router to get some more advanced networking features, such as VPN and VLAN. He found the Netgear AC1750 with VPN support for $130. He found out that the VPN support also supports DDNS, which can be used for free as long as you go in every 30 days and click the link to renew it. You could also pay $50 a year for it. He was paying $45 a month for static IP addresses along with the necessary equipment and taxes to have it in his house. He realized that if the router would handle the DDNS, all he needed to do was port forward everything else and get everything working the way it was before.

Leo says you can save even more money by buying your own DOCSIS III modem and saving the modem rental. You will have to work with Comcast to configure the modem, and it helps to make sure you get a modem that they support, but it can be done.