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Watch George from Newport, CA Comments

George has an issue with Siri repeating itself seven or eight times when he uses Siri to set alarms. Leo says he may want to try rebooting the iPhone. It should be rebooted every once in awhile to clear things out. He could also do a hard reset by pressing and holding the on/off button and the home button until the Apple logo appears. The worst case scenario is that he'll need to backup his iPhone and then do a DFU recovery (device firmware update). It's rather complicated to do, so he should consult iMore's step by step guide at

ScooterX in the chatroom says that there is a known bug about this and a discussion about it at

Watch Ellie from Honolulu, HI Comments

Ellie has been using this app called Perk to watch TV and do other activities. She earns points with it that she can cash in for gift cards. Leo says it's a whole new world, as people can use their phones to do just about anything. At the end of the day, she is trading her attention and information for this. Leo uses something called Google Opinion Rewards that does something similar.

Watch Jim from Tallahassee, FL Comments

Jim would like to scan slides into digital and then add metadata to them. Is there an app that can do that? Leo says that there are plenty of EXIF editors that can do that for him. EXIF Pilot is free. Leo also recommends using Google Photos which can do a lot of what Jim is looking for automatically.

Watch JC from Mississippi Comments

JC was looking for a new router to get some more advanced networking features, such as VPN and VLAN. He found the Netgear AC1750 with VPN support for $130. He found out that the VPN support also supports DDNS, which can be used for free as long as you go in every 30 days and click the link to renew it. You could also pay $50 a year for it. He was paying $45 a month for static IP addresses along with the necessary equipment and taxes to have it in his house. He realized that if the router would handle the DDNS, all he needed to do was port forward everything else and get everything working the way it was before.

Leo says you can save even more money by buying your own DOCSIS III modem and saving the modem rental. You will have to work with Comcast to configure the modem, and it helps to make sure you get a modem that they support, but it can be done.

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Watch Ron from Charlotte, NC Comments

Ron's mother in law is 89 and he wants to be able to put a camera in her home to check on her from time to time. Leo says that a lot of security cameras can be connected to the internet for that purpose, but there are privacy issues. There is a company out there that monitors ancilliary things like refrigerators, and other internet connected devices to know what she's doing. Ron's mom would need to wear a special watch for that to work.

Nest has an internet connected camera that will work, though. He can even have one that records at all times or only when there's motion. Blink makes some battery only cameras. Our sponsor Ring make a wireless camera that can even be solar powered. The YI Home Wireless Camera is a great inexpensive option for just $35. It will record to an SD card and is very affordable.

Watch Jeff from Pennsylvania Comments

Jeff has an unlocked GSM phone which he uses via TracFone, but it doesn't get data near his home. Leo says that part of the issue could be that TracFone has a deal with carriers that would make tower availability limited.

The chatroom says that AT&T stopped monitoring 3G signal strength, so his bars could be lying to him. Leo also says that his phone has a secret menu that will tell him more about his connection. It's a testing and diagnostic menu that will tell him what frequency and signal he's getting. Jeff can Google his phone to find the diagnostic menu. There are apps as well that can tell him more of that information, like SignalSpy or G-MoN. It may also be that the phone really only supports older frequencies, and with LTE, it's getting lost in the clutter.

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Watch Gloria from North Hollywood, CA Comments

Gloria took her computer in to be fixed and they wiped her hard drive. Leo says that when working to diagnose a computer's problem, they have to get the computer to a so called "known state," and that usually means wiping the drive and then restoring it to a factory setting. That way they can separate software and hardware issues. So it's important to backup the hard drive, and even create an image that she could restore before sending it in. She could maybe use Piriform's Recuva to get her data back. It's free to try.

Next time, she should try imaging her hard drive first. Imaging options include:

Watch Tim from Massachusetts Comments

Tim took Leo's advice and bought a Synology networked attached storage drive. Leo says that with what he can do with it, it's well worth the cost. Tim has several legacy NAS's and wants to know how to mount them to the Synology and move the data over. Leo says that Synology has an external connection, letting him do drive to drive copies from the command line.

Watch Carrie from Hisperia, CA Comments

Carrie has an iPhone 6 and she's thinking of getting an iPhone 7. Leo says that the 10th anniversary phone is right around the corner, the iPhone 7S, unless they change the name of it, which Leo doubts. Will they bring back the headphone jack? Leo says no. She'll probably never see that feature again. So there's no real hurry to upgrade.

Watch Brett from Woodbridge, NJ Comments

Brett wants to know how he can get Amazon Instant Video to work with Chromecast. Leo says it depends on if Amazon's app supports it, and they've been rather anti-competitive. He may be able to cast it over through the Chromecast Mirroring feature. It won't be as good, but it would be an alternative.

Watch Richard from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Richard is having issues streaming Leo's show via Roku. It constantly buffers. It could be that that the streaming option isn't reliable. Leo says that bandwidth is an issue. Leo also suggests trying YouTube Live at That may help. He can also try Twitch.

Watch Alan from Kentucky Comments

Alan is having issues with his wireless routers since a power surge, especially on the 2.4 GHz band. Leo says that's because 2.4 GHz is overcrowded. Everything seems to use it. That's why having a dual band router is beneficial. It could also be that the power surge fried his 2.4 GHz band. Routers also wear out, and over time, it starts getting slower and more unreliable. It's probably time to get a new router.