Why does my Windows Explorer file tree collapse whenever I remove a USB device?

Episode 1354 (53:30)

Charles from Huntington Beach, CA
Multi Commander

Charles uses a lot of Explorer windows, and every time he pulls a USB device out, his entire file tree collapses. Leo would look for a way to create an Explorer window that is rooted to a specific directory, so it starts at that directory. Windows now has a "Quick Access" section in the Explorer window, and he could put folders there. This would be more of a workaround, though.

Charles could use a different file manager for Windows. Leo says that XYplorer, Explorer++, and even the old Norton Commander which is now called Multi Commander will do it. He can even set directories using tabs.

The chatroom says he can create a rooted window by creating a shortcut to it, and changing the target to a specific folder. Another way to do it is to use the old MAP command and map the folder as a drive.