Why did Acer discontinue the R13 convertible laptop?

Episode 1354 (1:01:13)

Michael from Detroit, MI
Acer R13 Chromebook

Roger says that the Acer R13 Chromebook can do double duty as a tablet much like the Lenovo Yoga. It not only bends over, but it swivels to protect the keyboard. He just heard that Acer has discontinued it, though, and he's sad because he found it to be the most usable. Are there any alternatives and why did it fail?

Leo says that it probably didn't fail so much as Acer was just looking at where it's headed and decided to leave behind the lower priced categories. There's a new Acer convertible called the Spin, and that's likely the next generation of it. It's just been rebranded. Also the change of the easel hinge may be due to reliability issues.