What mobile photo printer should I buy?

Episode 1354 (32:38)

Michael from Eastvale, CA
HP Sprocket

Michael is looking at mobile photo printers. He hears that the HP Spocket is pretty good. Leo says that the Sprocket is an instant printer, similar to a Polaroid. It's called Dye-sublimation. Polaroid makes a mobile photo printer called the Zip, and Canon makes one that is a big larger called the Selphy. These aren't cheap: it's about $0.50 to $1 per print for consumables. These are fun for parties, though. They're also rather small, at only 2"x3".

Another printing solution is Chatbooks.com, which is $8 to make a hard cover book with 60 images from Instagram in it.

For even more options, Leo recommends checking out this article from Popsugar.