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Watch Scott from Orange County, CA Comments

Scott is having issues with his downloads being inconsistent and slow. Leo says that ISPs usually use the phrase "up to" in their claims, and that's usually with the ideal conditions. Leo says that uploading can also slow down his internet access. How does uploading slow him down? Leo says that servers require acknowledgement that his traffic is coming through, so if he's downloading while his data is being backed up, it has to wait for its turn to upload that acknowledgement. This is why Carbonite uses very little upload bandwidth and why it takes so long to back up with it.

Watch Michael from Eastvale, CA Comments

Michael is looking at mobile photo printers. He hears that the HP Spocket is pretty good. Leo says that the Sprocket is an instant printer, similar to a Polaroid. It's called Dye-sublimation. Polaroid makes a mobile photo printer called the Zip, and Canon makes one that is a big larger called the Selphy. These aren't cheap: it's about $0.50 to $1 per print for consumables. These are fun for parties, though. They're also rather small, at only 2"x3".

Another printing solution is, which is $8 to make a hard cover book with 60 images from Instagram in it.

For even more options, Leo recommends checking out this article from Popsugar.

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Watch Adam from West Covina, CA Comments

Adam is thinking of making an image of his hard drive using SuperDuper, then putting it on an external hard drive and boot from it on another computer. Leo says he can do it, but the problem is he'd be using the operating system from different hardware. It could actually work, though, so he can attempt it.

Watch Charles from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Charles uses a lot of Explorer windows, and every time he pulls a USB device out, his entire file tree collapses. Leo would look for a way to create an Explorer window that is rooted to a specific directory, so it starts at that directory. Windows now has a "Quick Access" section in the Explorer window, and he could put folders there. This would be more of a workaround, though.

Charles could use a different file manager for Windows. Leo says that XYplorer, Explorer++, and even the old Norton Commander which is now called Multi Commander will do it. He can even set directories using tabs.

The chatroom says he can create a rooted window by creating a shortcut to it, and changing the target to a specific folder. Another way to do it is to use the old MAP command and map the folder as a drive.

Watch Michael from Detroit, MI Comments

Roger says that the Acer R13 Chromebook can do double duty as a tablet much like the Lenovo Yoga. It not only bends over, but it swivels to protect the keyboard. He just heard that Acer has discontinued it, though, and he's sad because he found it to be the most usable. Are there any alternatives and why did it fail?

Leo says that it probably didn't fail so much as Acer was just looking at where it's headed and decided to leave behind the lower priced categories. There's a new Acer convertible called the Spin, and that's likely the next generation of it. It's just been rebranded. Also the change of the easel hinge may be due to reliability issues.

Watch Fahrid from Bradford, UK Comments

Fahrid wants to know if Leo uses Twitter and got his tweet. Leo says that Twitter is just too hard to read these days, and it's generally nasty. He'll use it to see what's going on, but he avoids the replies. Social media has gotten so foul. Who needs that? But the compliment is appreciated!

Fahrid also wants to know if TWiT could use personal information of his callers to improve the show. Leo says that while he has show notes that include details of caller questions, they don't collect the personal information of their audience and would certainly never seek to profit from it.

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Watch Ellie from Honolulu, HI Comments

Ellie is frustrated by Siri's use of punctuation, as it's very inconsistent. How can she teach it to do better? Leo says that Siri is mystifying when it makes that judgement, and there's really no way to fix it. It's not perfect, but it should get better the more it's used. Even if it's 95% accurate, that 5% can still be annoying. Siri is trainable, but whether it actually improves speech recognition is debatable.

Watch James from Santa Monica, CA Comments

How would James go about selling a movie he made online? Leo says promotion has changed over the last few years. "Going viral" is the way things are done these days, but that's actually a good thing. It means that we all have a better chance of being successful with content we create. If it goes viral, then it takes on a life of itself. Taking something to market is a challenge, though. How would he break through the noise?

Leo says that the cream will always rise to the crop. Word of mouth is always the best marketing. The trick is to get 1,000 people to generate the buzz, and then they'll tell more people. Where is his audience? Where do they hang out? Leo suggests going to those forums and using social media. He should put his trailers on YouTube and make it easy to see. Think outside of the box. He shouldn't rely on something that's always been done, he should try to look for the next thing.

James' film is called 8 Days Carlo, and trailers can be found on YouTube.

Watch Jill from Los Alamitos, CA Comments

Jill watches TV using an antenna over the roof. Leo says that's the best quality HDTV because it isn't compressed. Suddenly, however, channel 2 (2.1) is missing on her TVs, while her mom still has them. Leo says that Jill is likely on an edge area where it can work, but may not work at other times. She should check out and it will tell her what channels are available in her area. One TV may have a more sensitive tuner than the other, or it could be that less cable is also used, minimizing attenuation. It may just be that the antenna has shifted a little bit, so she should try and repoint it. A better antenna can help as well. It could also be her cables. There's all kinds of things that could impact it.

The chatroom says that there is a known issue with over the air broadcasts with CBS in LA right now.

Watch Sue Ellen from San Diego, CA Comments

Sue Ellen is going on a cruise to Hawaii next month and WiFi is $0.75 a minute. What are her options? Can she use her phone as a hotspot? Leo says not while she's on the ocean. When she gets to Hawaii, that's an option. While she's at sea, she'll be stuck with what they give her and there's nothing but pain. It's very slow and inconsistent. It's definitely not worth $0.75 a minute!

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