Why is Windows 7 taking so long to update?

Episode 1353 (40:01)

Bob from Pennsylvania
Windows Update

Bob's friend has a computer who's Windows 7 update is taking forever to install. Leo says that Microsoft has patched it seven times to try and and speed it up and in 2016 they finally fixed the issue. Chances are, an update failed and that's what caused the logjam. It also could be malware that disabled the update utility without his knowledge. Leo recommends clearing all the updates and starting over.

He should Google "Windows Update Troubleshooter for Windows 7." He should download it and it will run him through a process to clean it all up. Then he'll need to rerun the update. He can also download the updates offline and install them. Microsoft's official site is at catalog.update.microsoft.com. There's also technet.microsoft.com.

Image: "Windows Update" by Christiaan Colen [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Flickr