New PCs From Lenovo and Samsung Announced at CES

Episode 1353 (04:54)

Intel Compute Card

CES 2017 saw some PC announcements from Lenovo and Samsung. Lenovo announced a new X1 Carbon, X1 Yoga, Yoga Book, and more. See all of Lenovo's announcements at Lenovo's CES page at

Samsung also announced a new Chromebook in conjunction with Google -- the Chromebook Pro and Chromebook Plus. This is based on an ARM architecture instead of Intel. For the most part, desktop and laptop PCs have run Intel processors because they are more powerful, while ARM processors have powered mobile devices because they are more power efficient. As ARM has been getting faster, however, that may be changing. Qualcomm, who makes the ARM chips in most phones, announced the Snapdragon 835 at CES, which is a really fast and small processor. At the same time, a couple of weeks ago, Microsoft announced that they will be making Windows for ARM.

Intel did announce its own small PC, though. It's called a Compute Card, and its a credit card sized PC that could fit in a wallet where a credit card would go. It contains a processor, GPU, memory, and storage, and can plug into a variety of devices. Intel's vision for the Compute Card is that we'll have 'dumb' devices and the card will interface with them, turning them into smart devices.